Seattle saving bees?

I just stumbled on this Seattle honey producer and advocate for healthy bee habitats and had to share it here. They are called Urban Bee Company and I love their goals, stated here:

Simply put, we have three goals:

  1. Healthy Bees: Support health and biodiversity of bees, by using best practices inside the hive and providing plentiful and diverse forage outside of it.
  2. Informed Humans: We aim to educate the public about agriculture and pollinators, using the hive as a focal point to discuss our local and global food systems. With knowledge and positive examples, may we choose to do the right thing together.
  3. Resilient Habitats: Diverse, local forage will help not only bees and other pollinators, but humans as well. We can repair what we have ruined and participate in the mutually-dependent, permanently-sustainable system generously offered by the planet.

Sara, maybe you can open a Bainbridge Island branch? ;0)


One thought on “Seattle saving bees?

  1. Love it! I found a spot in our yard yesterday where I think we can house our hive. I’m going to put in our order soon, knowing that we likely won’t get them until next year.


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