Plums, Zucchini, and a Pretty Pantry (not mine)

2015-07-23 18.19.40

Ok, friends. Several things to share here.

First, even our resident mama raccoon cannot eat enough plums to make up for our tree’s surplus this year. Can you help? I’ve already given some to neighbors, and canned a few jars of plum sauce for holiday meals or cocktails (I am still debating the taste; maybe you’ll like it. If so, I’ll share).

I think I’d like to make Shiro Plum Wine (ideally something that looks as beautiful as this, and tastes good enough to warrant a nifty Seeds & Bees wine label). Anyone care to help? Hmm? I know experimenting can result in fabulousity or flop, and I have never tried to make wine. Several recipes seem to have potential.  I’d like to go straight to the EASY version from Home Brew It, but I guess my yellow plums call for their Versatile one. Then there’s a plum cordial recipe from Bon Appetit, which calls for vodka, but also uses tiny red plums instead of big, fat, juicy yellow ones.  Considering the harvest so far, maybe I should plan for a big, 5-gallon batch o’ wine? Thoughts? Other resources?

Next, have you read the blog, A Garden for the House, by Kevin Lee Jacobs? My mother-in-law sent a link to me with the author’s recommendations for what to do with excess zucchini, which I intend to try if our plants produce (they haven’t yet; they look healthy and they have blossoms, so I am hoping they are on their way soon. Our cukes are on fire, though). I also read through Kevin’s other zucchini recipes last night after finishing a meal of fresh zucchini pasta covered in butter and grated parmesan, of which Brooks ate a whole plate. I plan to make Kevin’s zucchini fritters next.

Last, my friend’s wife, Shira Gill, is a home organizer. She lives in a lovely, old Craftsman in Berkeley and makes the place look ah-mazing by keeping things completely clutter-free in a way I will never achieve, and yet I still aspire to a small level of her polish. Her article, Get Your Family Organized With These Easy Tips, outlines a few favorites, especially in the pantry. Her site, Shira Gill Home, is full of equally useful tips and photos that make me feel both inspired and depressed. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Plums, Zucchini, and a Pretty Pantry (not mine)

  1. Ooh, love the organizing tips! This is my ongoing project and passion. Maybe Seeds and Bees can have de-cluttering party? Would that even work? Or we could all tackle categories (like pantry) together and report back. Before and after pics for this blog!

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  2. Oh, I would so benefit from some group organizing tips! I would love to attempt it. I also like the idea of picking categories and posting before/after pics!


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