Container Queen


I have a confession to make. When I moved to my little patch of island almost five years ago, I fell in love with the overgrown garden it came with. But when I eyed the four raised beds, neglected and wild behind the garage, I could not imagine ever having the time and energy to tend to them. At the time, I had a toddler and newborn. I was sleep deprived and frazzled. And after a decade of living mostly in urban apartments, I had no idea what to do with raised garden beds.

So the following spring, I had them torn out and paved over. I know. I am wincing too. Now I have a very spacious, sunny patio and lots of potted plants. But, oh how I regret removing those beds. They were on the south side of our property and even had sprinklers on timers built into them. My boys, now 5 and 7, would love to plant lots of veggies, berries and flowers. We make due with two or three tomato plants in pots and lots of potted herbs.  We also now have a baby sister, 20 months old, so who am I kidding? I still don’t have much time for gardening (or relaxing on my patio!). Still, I feel I’ve diminished this property for future owners and am sad about that.

I may get a second chance at garden beds, however, when we move in a year or two to another location on the island. We are planning to build a home on an open, south-facing property, which we just had cleared of shrubs and brush. I am envisioning the micro-farm possibilities there already. Or at least a few raised beds.

IMG_20150521_163319748 IMG_20150521_163410599


2 thoughts on “Container Queen

  1. Oh well, you live and learn 🙂 I am sure the time will come when it’s right. Containers are good too, I have very good experience with tomatoes in pots, if you have a good spot against a wall, they love reflected heat! Bush beans also do well, and special varieties of summer squash too. I will count with you for the next week greens delivery.

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