I love words and pictures. They make me happy.

For the past two weeks, I have felt a bit as if Santa Claus has come for an extended visit. I am a follower of our site but for some reason don’t get those little reminders anymore that tell me another post is available to read. So yesterday I checked our site and – voila! – three beautiful posts from you. I loved wandering into another beautiful image, another lovely thought, another genuine experience. It is sheer delight to read your thoughts and adventures and your pieces of wisdom.

I’m really grateful for all of this. Thank you.

Over here on our home front I’ve been sweating bullets trying to ready our shady garden. (I’ll post a series of pictures next week.) I know more sun will be available when we trim our trees, but I have also been surprised about the amount of morning sun the area gets at this time of year – at least 5 hours of full sun, and several hours of dappled sun. I also found this post in Mother Earth News outlining the best vegetables to grow in shadier conditions. I was heartened to realize that they are all our favorite vegetables. The sunnier beds that we’re putting in next week should be good for our tomatoes and squash.


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