The Fling with Spring Rain Farm

We have been going to the Poulsbo Farmer’s Market lately, favoring the event over the Bainbridge for several reasons: it is closer for us North-enders, it is cheaper, less crowded, and, most importantly more diverse – people and produce alike. I have started a secret love affair with Red Kitten – spinach of heavenly taste and looks produced by Spring Rain Farm in Chimacum.

Last Sunday we went to the farm’s season opening party, a gorgeous sunny day filled with walks in their 25 acre property of orchards, pastures and fields. The kids released a paper bag full of ladybugs – veracious predators to help keep aphids at bay. They petted bunnies, chicks and ducklings, but did not fully accept the fact that these cute animals are there to be killed for meat (we need to work on the pet vs. meat source understanding). We stuffed our bellies with yummy food produced & prepared by the farmers in their open field kitchen. We collected eggs straight from the nesting boxes of 500 or so chickens. I do not think I have ever seen such happy chickens on the large scale as this. Inspiring! Lastly, we learned about bees from a beekeeper of two decades. His views on bee future were not positive, I am afraid. His quote: “I feel that I just don’t know anymore. You can do all the things you are suppose to do to keep them happy, but sometimes they still do not make it through the winter.” Even more reason for setting up our own hive as soon as we can!LAdybugs


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