Letting Go

Although my garden (and its multiplying weeds) is beckoning to me, my focus this past week as been on the indoors. What started as a clothing purge inspired by this article, has me reassessing nearly every room in the house. Just yesterday I gave away a bookcase in my living room that had become a haven for dusty knick-knacks and old magazines. Now the whole room feels more light-filled, like there is more air to breathe.

It’s hard to part with things, especially perfectly good things, sentimental things. But I am saying goodbye to some of these things in order to feel lighter and freer. My environment, filled to the brim three kids, a husband and our many belongings, has been feeling closed in. With Spring in the air, it feels like the right time to simplify and declutter. For further motivation, we are planning to move in a year or so. This paring-back process will mean less to pack and transport.

I was at a yoga class yesterday, and one of my favorite things about this class is the space where we practice. It’s in an old community hall that I would guess is about 100 years old.  It has wood floors and the walls and ceiling are clad in wood as well. Other than a few mirrors and a small stage it is completely empty. What you notice when you are there are the people you are with. You notice the surrounding woods, framed by tall, narrow farmhouse windows.  You have the feeling that this place has a history and a soul, and there is plenty of room to move and breathe.


2 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. we must be drinking the same water 😉 I too am spring cleaning — on a whim, i swapped the living room and dining room in a couple of hours.


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