Living in a daydream

I often daydream about a bucolic, flat, sunny piece of property that could function as a true “farm”. Did I mention flat? I would tend and plant, harvest, create and sell. My problem solving husband would mastermind the technical and business side of things. And my kids, they would grow up tied to the earth in such a profound way, learning authentic life skills about caring for our earth and ourselves, learning about business and hard work. We would be like real homesteaders living an honest life.

While I have a long ways to go to get to my super idealistic way of life, I know we can and do implement elements of that “dreamy” way of life now. We dabble in all sorts of hands on projects and dream about future ones. And sometimes dreaming is easier and more fun than implementing. Our canvas remains open to possibility and whimsy instead of being driven by fiscal returns. We’ve collectively learned so much about our little environment surrounding our home by creating market stands, arranging flowers for parties and weddings, preparing herbal remedies, testing irrigation setups, and enjoying healthy fresh food to name a few.

We started with a barren hillside just 8 years ago and now we have a fairly mature landscape that offers privacy, bird habitat, bountiful fruit trees (apple, pear, asian pear, peach, fig, cherry, plum, and maybe apricot and olive this year), seasonal produce growing opportunities, a vineyard, a berry patch, flora for arranging and healing, and plenty of room for kids to play, discover and explore.

I’ve come to realize it will take a lot to  move me off this land. While I dream of greener pastures beyond I find my roots happily growing ever deeper here within a version of my homesteading dream.



2 thoughts on “Living in a daydream

  1. I can hear your voice here! I love it! The homesteading dream is a powerful one. I love to think about how your place was before, and how you have created such a lush and dramatic space to live and play.


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