Oh My Honeys


Caring for honeybees is quite humbling. They are unassuming hard workers that go about their business without complaint. They are truly magical in their busy bee work.

This is my family’s second go at bees. Our first two hives didn’t make it; one ended with disease and the other must have swarmed, leaving behind an empty hive. With feelings of defeat, we decided to take a break until a time when we could be truly dedicated.

That time came just a couple of weeks ago after watching the BBC documentary, Who Killed the Honey Bee. I was re-inspired by the magic of the honeybee and the gift they are to the world, to us, to the health of our food system. Honeybees make it all happen; they are the master pollinators, basically responsible for the food that we eat.

On the cancellation waitlist, the weekend came and went without a phone call. To our surprise, a call came Monday afternoon and we scrambled to pick up three packages of bees. They were tired, stressed and in desperate need of water and food after being cooped up for days on end. Each package had already lost two pounds so we hustled and gave each package a home lickety-split.

I swear, you fall in love at first sight — at the sound, at the sight, at the miracle of the honeybee. They are docile and sweet, humming around our yard and neighborhood. We are protective and worry over our little honeys. Mostly, I want them to be able to go about their pollination work without threat. If we end up with honey, that will be a big bonus.



3 thoughts on “Oh My Honeys

  1. Beautiful post – pics and words! Hope your bees are settling in happily. Would love to see them and that documentary sometime.


  2. You said it Sara, they make it all happen! I’d love to participate in some bee activities to learn, and prepare for my own bee adventure!


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