Garden in bloom


My garden is heavier on blooms than on edibles, and one of my favorites this time of year is lilac. I have three profuse bushes on the West side of my house, and I love it when the fragrance from these lovely white flowers comes wafting through the back door. I’ve been making as many bouquets as I can before they expire. I brought several to a baby shower recently and delivered another to a kind neighbor who often watches my kids in a pinch. As part a community of very crafty, artful mamas, I find homemade bouquets (nature-made, really) are the best DIY gift I have to offer. My vase of choice is the ever-trendy mason jar. They are easy on the wallet and available at the nearby hardware store by the dozen.

I think it’s a shame to let flowers sit idly around the garden. So in addition to giving them to friends, I’m planning to donate to a local program called Flowers from the Heart. This volunteer group organizes a flower drive through the summer and delivers bouquets to housebound people in the community. It seems like a great activity to do with the kids, and one that a few of us in the collective are excited about.



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